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Meet Our Founder

       from a dream to reality...       

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Within one year, Smell My Love’s CEO and Founder, Sharonda Reeds is on her way to creating a natural self-care empire. Sharonda has dedicated many hours to creating the perfect business that not only promotes self-care, but also helps relieve stress and provides relaxation. Sharonda’s heart and passion is the foundation of Smell My Love. Each product is handmade with love and care. From the creation process to packaging and staging products for photo shoots, Reeds is hands on with every aspect of Smell My Love.


Reeds superb customer service and amazing products keeps customers returning for more. Sharonda enjoys creating quality products that make people feel good. In the near future, Sharonda hopes to be a nationally recognized, well-established, Black-Owned business. Eventually Reeds wants Smell My Love to be a globally-known business. Even though Sharonda knows that her goals will take hard work and discipline, she is ready to meet and accept any challenge.


Through the grace of God and Sharonda’s entrepreneurial drive, Smell My Love has quickly becomes a household name. Even when Sharonda had fear that Smell My Love wouldn’t produce the sells that she projected, Reeds quickly shifted her paradigm and remembered her parents instilled in her that failure is not an option. Sharonda hope as to create generational wealth through Smell My Love and to leave a legacy for her children and their children.


When Sharonda is not researching and creating her latest products or staying up countless hours to produce a product photo shoot, Sharonda enjoys reading, traveling, spending time with family, and of course taking some time for self-care.


Sharonda proves that she thrives under pressure. She’s always researching ways to improve Smell My Love and ways to reinvent herself. To keep up with Sharonda Reeds and Smell My Love, visit Facebook or Instagram.


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