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Room & Car Freshener 


Size:  4 oz (approx 104g per bottle)


Scents:  Black Knight, Moon Lake Musk, Himalayan Bamboo & Lavender


Black Knight

Fragrance Profile:
Top: Marine, Camphor, Pineapple
Middle: Lavender, Bamboo
Base: Dark Musk, Amber, Vetiver, Cedar


Moon Lake Musk

Fragrance Profile:

Top: Geranium
Middle: Amber
Base: Patchouli, Light Musk, Dark Musk, Tonka Bean


Himalayan Bamboo

Fragrance Profile:

Top:  Bergamot, Lime, Grass

Middle:  Green leaves, Cucumber

Base:  Bamboo, Violet



Fragrance Profile:
Top: Citrus, Bergamot
Middle: Lavender
Base: Camphor, Eucalyptus, Powder, Cedar


Contains:  FDA-approved SD Alcohol, Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Benzophenone-2 & Fragrance Oil

Room & Car Freshener

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